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Introduction to Cast Line Heaters

Cast Line electric heater could be used to heat a variety of gas and liquid medium. It is an indirect heater, i.e. the heating medium is not in direct contact with the heating element, the medium flows through the coil that is heated by heating elements for high-performance heat exchange. Combined with the heater body temperature and outlet temperature control, it ultimately meet the process to achieve the temperature requirements.

Hundreds of such heater have been supplied to GE by us since 2011. It is widely used in all kinds of engineering projects.


Compared to the conventional direct heater, has the following characteristics:

u Suitable for very high pressure working environment, generally up to 30Mpa and above;

u Long working life, the basic maintenance-free;

u Low cost, especially in high-pressure environment, eliminating the need for expensive pressure vessels;

u Outlet temperature is stable, and not affected by the fluctuation of flow rate. Thus suitable for complicated working conditions where flow fluctuation is large and where medium is mixed with complicated gas-liquid.

u Compact structure, especially suitable for restricted spaces

u Heater could be put into preheating state, thus a quick start-up.

u Reasonable internal structure and overall external insulation, ensures low heat loss during working condition.

Actual picture                Explosion-proof Control Panel

Meanwhile the product has the following characteristics:

u The product has obtained ATEX (EU), CU (Russia), NEPSI (China) and other explosion-proof certification, can be used in zone I / II explosive environment;

u The protection grade of the product is IP66;

u Heating medium working temperature up to 400 ℃;

u Enclosure: stainless steel (AISI316L or similar);

u Heat exchange coil: AISI316L or higher grade stainless steel, can be selected according to special requirements, and according to the special needs of NACE 0175 requirements;

u Design and manufacturing standards: ASME VIII (American Standard), PED (EU), GB (GB);

u Voltage: up to 690V

Power: can be customized according to user requirements, single unit highest power rating is generally 100kW;

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