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Temperature control system

Temperature control system for the heater
Bi-mental Thermostats
Bi-mental thermostat is used as the simplest way of temperature controlling. It can set various control temperature by turning the button, which is fit for occasions that don't need exact temperature.
Bulb and Capillary Thermostats
Bulb and capillary thermostat is used asthe broadest way for industry temperature controlling. The thermal-case is located at the place, which needs control the temperature. For the capillary connects with the control switch, wile the temperature of the thermal-case changing, its liquid also changing, and through capillary turn the switch, so as to turn on or off the heater. Usually its rated current is 15A(220V、380V),the range of the control temperature is 0-85℃,10-120℃,0-330℃. It is wildly used for conduction and convection heating equipment, while it doesn't fit for following:
 The occasion that need the exact control temperature and the control contact working frequently(2 set or more /min)
The occasion is dangerous
Electric principle sketch map

Armor thermocouple: thermocouple is one of the temperature sensors, which is based on the principle that  two different metals welded together can produce a very small DC voltage  depending on temperature and thermocouples type. The thermocouple is fixed into stainless steel tube  with crystal magnesia as insulating material ,and controls heating system through the secondary meter. The choice for the thermocouples should be according to the various temperatures range. See the
Temp Range
Variancem v/t
PLS refer to international thermometric scale :Thermcouple Manual For The Application Of Platinum Resistance
Now type K is most frequently used and its  temperature range is -200-1300℃.It is used in the industry broadly, and it is good linearity, high thermoelectricity force, high sensitivity, stability , good equality, anti-oxidation and low cost,also it has  disadvantage
Measure for small scope, its signal is very feebleness
 The life-span should effect precision
RTDs or Resistance Temperature Detectors : Resistance temperature sensor is one of platinum resistance, and its resistance is accurately changed according to a  temperature change. Usually it is three lines. It is more exact than thermocouple at the low temperature. It is Pt100 and  its resistance is 108Ω while the temperature is 20℃, usually used under 400℃ below.

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