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Electric control

The electric control is used for all kinds of heat trace systems,mainly has the following 3 forms:
No temperture control.
Heating cables directly connect to breaker, controlling the working or off of the heating cable through break’s on or off.
It is  used only for self-regulating heating cable, and the anti-freeze occasions that don't need exact temperature in common.
Simple temperature control.
The heating cable is connected to the contactor, and controls the working or off of the heating cable by local temperature switch. It can keep the system at some heating range. 
The user can set the heating temperature by the dial of the temperature switch.
Fitting for the occasion that don't need the exact temperature.
Digtal-displaying temperature control.
Heating cables are connected to the contactor or solid-state relay. The temperature digital readout in the control cabinet controls and outputs a contact signal to control contactor or solid state-relay to be on or off through local temperature measure component, so as to control the electric heating cable’s working or off.If use the solid-relay,we can control heating temperature more exactly.
Users can conveniently set the parameters of the meter to control and monitor the heating temperature. Fitting for the occasions that need exact control temperature。
Fitting for the occasion that need the exact temperature.
Type Number Nomenclature
PLS choose the needed type and offer the following information while ordering:
1、Heating Temperature; 
2、The  specification and connection ways for power cable.

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