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Basic explosion-proof knowledge
Choice for explosion-proof  apparatus
1、According the zone to choose explosion-proof  apparatus
American electrical law NEC500
Zone 0
ia Intrinsic safety electrical apparatus and circuit
Zone  1
Flame-proof,Intrinsic safety can bear two broken-down, airiness.
d,p,e(Careful use),i,q,o,m
d,p,e(Only limited for junction box, case and single insert fluorescence light. etc.)
Zone  2
(1)1 apparatus used
in zone 1
(3)Apparatus under the normal working condition doesn't produce sparkle apparatus
(1)apparatus used in zone 1
(3)Apparatus under the normal working condition doesn't produce sparkle
(1)apparatus used in zone 1
(1)apparatus used
in zone 1
Record1:As for the special equipment that marked " S",people use it  according to the related area type,and notice the special terms for fixing and using.
Record 2:According to our country condition,type"e" using at zone 1 only as following:
a)The junction box or connecting case which cannot produce sparkle,electrical arc,or and the dangerous temperature under the normal temperature,including electrical products that bodies are type "d"or"m",and connection is type "e".
b)Type "e" low voltage asynchronism electromotor with the heat protect-setting (GB3836.4 appendix D),expect frequently startup and bad environment.
c)Single insert fluorescence light type “e”.
Zone o:The occasions for the explosive atmosphere is present continuously or for long periods or frequently.
Zone 1:Under the normal working, the occasions for the explosive atmosphere is likely to occur .
2District:Under the normal working, the occasions for explosive atmosphere is not likely to occure, if it does occur ,will persist for a short period only.
2、Choose the electrical explosion-proof apparatus according to the ignition temperature of the gas or vapor.
The choice for explosion-proof apparatus should be according to the max surface temperature less than ignition temperature of any gas or vapor.
Explosion-proof electrical apparatus and environment temperature -20℃~+40℃(If the electrical apparatus is marked temperature scope, only the equipment will be used at this range. )。

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