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Surveillance system

Among the mid and small settings or systems of the petrifaction enterprise, need the surveillance parameter for testing or producing, i.e. temperature, flux, press etc, especially during the trial-manufacture period, which need more exact parameter.
Therefore, if using traditional surveillance ways to collect and monitor each parameter need many secondary meter and record meter, which will add expense of the system and of itself's maintenance.
Under this condition, by using surveillance software, which is finished through primary measure component and monitor interface, system cost budget will be lower, and convenient for maintenance.
Following cutline is an monitor interface, which is made at a chemical plant for many reaction kettle. The system collected the local primary measure signal to surveillance interface by collecting modules and communications. At any moment it  monitored the change of the temperature, monitored the pump’s on or off, and the operation  progress, and so on.
Meanwhile,the system will output the monitored data ,such as history record and alarm record to the contents appointed by the user in a certain period,for the user to print or consult them.


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